The Old Creamery Speakeasy Bar & Grill will be adjacent to the B&B.  It will be a full service bar serving beer, wine and cocktails with a limited dining and appetizer menu. The speakeasy will be hidden behind The Old Creamery Ice Cream Shop and you'll need a password to get in.   Leaded glass French doors will connect the ice cream shop to the lobby of the B&B.  Music, a dance floor, an upright player piano, large flat-screen TV, pool tables and a card room will provide entertainment in a Speakeasy setting.  Authentic features like two-way mirrors, sliding panels, and trap doors will be incorporated into the design. Flappers or gangsters in period costumes will be at your service.  The decor will be warm and inviting casual elegance.  There will also be covered outdoor patio seating in the garden setting.  Booths in cozy niches will provide intimate or secluded areas within the bar.  Live bands will occasionally play on weekends and authentic vaudeville shows will be scheduled during the busy summer months.  The speakeasy will have a mystique that will make a person curious to come inside.  Once inside, the warm, inviting, fun, friendly atmosphere will encourage them to stay. Locals will have a comfortable place to congregate and relax or celebrate with friends.

"The speakeasy was an underground drinking establishment that sprang up as every saloon was closed when the 18th Amendment became the law of the land on January 16, 1920.  Thus making liquor, beer, and wine illegal throughout the country.  With the Amendment came the National Prohibition Act, whereby enforcement became mandatory.  As the sources of liquor dried up, hard drink became an obsession with Americans.  Within six months, speakeasies were an established institution - one that federal agents raided repeatedly and padlocked in vain, or "protected" for a consideration." (modified from This Fabulous Century, Vol III 1920-1930)