It's a dream of re-creating a town on the plains of Eastern Colorado into a living history lesson about the remarkable decade called the "Roaring '20s".  Also known as "The Jazz Age" or "Flapper Era", this energetic decade was an age of eye-popping change, innovation, and progress that set the stage for our life today!

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For your contribution, you'll receive the following rewards in Seibert, a 1920s Era Town after it opens in the near future:

For a $50 or more receive a complimentary dinner for two at Pearls, Fine Dining
For a $100 or more receive one complimentary night at the Seibert Hotel B & B
For a $150 or more receive one night at the B & B and dinner for two at Pearls
For a $200 or more receive two complimentary nights at the Seibert Hotel B & B
For a $250 or more receive two nights at the B & B and dinner for two at Pearls.
For a $49 or less you'll be treated to a 1920s movie, your favorite concessions
                and delicious ice cream treats at the Ice Cream Shop.
Donations over $250 will receive special rewards. Please contact me by email for the details.

These rewards will not expire and can be collected whenever you make your first visit to my 1920s Era Town in Seibert, Colorado after it is completed.

Your support means a great deal to me and with your help, we'll find that special investor to help make this UNIQUE tourist attraction and small town redevelopment a reality!


The location of this 1920s-Era town will be Seibert, Colorado, situated on bustling Interstate 70, a direct artery through Colorado to Kansas and points East. At least two and a half million vehicles travel this road annually. The project was conceived in 2003 by an individual with a vision to revive a languishing town of 180 people. The little towns on the Eastern Plains are in need of economic revitalization and this project will do just that for Seibert and Kit Carson County by creating at least 65 new jobs and needed sales tax revenue.

The project will eventually result in a historically sensitive re-creation of a block long district of a small town during the 1920s heyday. We will seek to produce an experience that is relaxing, fun, educational, and very unique. We will strive to serve great tasting, high quality, made from scratch food and drink by friendly, costumed cast members who will assist in dispensing "Fun Facts" about the Roaring Twenties. The goal will be for the guest to effortlessly learn about this exciting era with every visit. Our mission will be to differentiate ourselves with superior customer service in a friendly, fun, family atmosphere.

The following businesses will be located on main street in rehabilitated historic buildings:

  • An 8-room inn, The Seibert Hotel Bed & Breakfast
  • Two restaurants housed on separate floors of one building:
  •   Pickets, country cooking cafe open seven days a week, 1st floor.
  •   Pearls, open for fine dining on weekends and for special events, 2nd floor
  • An upscale, yet casual Speakeasy Bar hidden behind The Old Creamery Ice Cream Shop
  • Two quality gift/antique shops
  • Tut's Egyptian Theater-a movie and live theater

The streetscape will have the look and feel of the '20s by adding embellishments and period details to the current buildings. Vintage lighting and a few 1920s cars on the street will add to the authentic look. The decor, costumed cast members (employees), and photographs from the '20s will also help create the look and feel of that era. Factual tidbits about the era will be everywhere - on menus, napkins, framed on the walls, on coasters, etc.  A souvenir newspaper highlighting the numerous events, inventions, and famous people of the Roaring Twenties will be given to all visitors as an educational and marketing tool. Entertainment will be provided at the Speakeasy with music, dancing, or variety shows. Events like antique car shows, dance contests, silent movie festivals, antique shows, and historic lectures are a few of the events that will be planned to highlight this amazing era, attracting tourists especially during the busy summer season.

                               Photo by UPI/Bettmann from the book "From Flappers to Flivvers"

There will be photo opportunities next to the vintage cars and in front of old-fashioned wood cutouts of flappers, and gangsters with famous characters of the era.

Seibert is a two-hour drive from Denver and Colorado Springs, which is a reasonable distance to drive for a relaxing weekend get-away from the big city, yet not too far for someone to come for a day trip just to savor a great meal and be swept away to another place and time.

Prices will be reasonable as the locals will be customers and guests as well as the tourists traveling the highway.  I want the locals to eat and drink with us often and will be offering a "10 for 10" program, whereby they will receive a lifetime 10% discount on food and beverages after ten meals are purchased.  The increased traffic in town should also encourage locals to open new businesses on the opposite side of the street.  I hope to encourage and assist other new businesses in adopting the look of the '20s, so eventually the majority of the town will have the aura of the past, including vintage lights and signs.  Transforming Seibert to look like the '20s will make it a unique place that people will want to visit and perhaps live, giving this sleepy little town a new vitality like it had during that amazing era.

Market analysis indicates there is a need for such a project and a sufficient target population and highway traffic to sustain it. The Project will be less than one mile from a 100-mile stretch of busy I-70 that only offers fast-food establishments and mediocre cafes. Shady Grove Campground  http://www.shadygroverv.com is located in Seibert with 30 sites for RVs. Currently, guests at the RV park are referred to the closest restaurant serving breakfast, which is 15 miles away.  Pickets Cafe will be two blocks down the street, and will fulfill the need for a local restaurant, benefiting both businesses.

We project that these businesses will be profitable due to their proximity to I-70, the unique rehabilitation of the historic main street, the popularity of the Bed and Breakfast industry, the superior food and service that will be provided, and to its location in Eastern Colorado.  Colorado has numerous Bed & Breakfasts in other parts of the state but the Northeastern Plains only have a few.  Individually these businesses in Seibert would not be as successful as they will be collectively within this re-created historic Roaring Twenties street scene.  Four million vehicles pass the Seibert highway exit annually with two thirds arriving in Colorado from Kansas and all points east. Two hundred thousand visitors a year stop at the Welcome Center in Burlington, just 32 miles east of Seibert, requesting Colorado tourist information.  We should be able to attract a good percentage of these tourists traveling I-70 by the use of marketing brochures.  These brochures will be at the Welcome Center and at 208 tourist information racks along I-70 in Kansas and Eastern Colorado.  There will also be prominent signage on the highway.  1920s Seibert will compliment the two turn-of-the-century area attractions in Burlington:  Old Town  www.burlingtoncolo.com/oldtown.html and The Kit Carson County Carousel http://www.kitcarsoncountycarousel.com/

The local population within a 60 mile radius of Seibert is approximately 31,200 permanent residents.

It is expected that through effective sales promotion, diligent training, superior food and customer service, and the use of cost controls, the Seibert 1920's-Era Project will have a loss the first few years and be increasingly profitable thereafter.  The long-term goal is to become a unique tourist destination and culinary landmark that prospers through repeat customers and word of mouth advertising.

The initial estimate of the total start-up investment is approximately $6 million, which we are seeking to raise so this unique, historic attraction can be created.  I own the buildings, the business plan is complete, and we are more than ready to begin this exciting project that will benefit the entire area and create a fun, historic place to visit and live.  

Are you my "angel investor"?

Jan Presley